Our service centers in Viernheim (Germany), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Bucharest (Romania), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Sofia (Bulgaria) successfully run inbound as well as outbound outsourcing services in several different languages, like: Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Ukrainian among many others.

Our teams are multilingual and composed by native speakers with high levels of expertise in customer care services of all kind. All service center agents undergo continuous training, coaching and constant monitoring to ensure a steady and reliable quality. And last but not least, to guarantee an excellent customer care experience.


Inbound dialog and customer care service can become a very challenging job when multilingualism and high levels of customer satisfaction are requested.

Reducing a caller’s waiting time on the line is the first step into a satisfying customer journey. Providing accurate information and saving no efforts to try and meet all the caller’s expectations is essential when it comes to delivering an excellent customer care experience.

The use of innovative technology is all about ensuring quality and improving productivity. Still, at be.voxx the real and most important asset always remains the customer care representative who is responsible for taking the calling customer by the hand along his or her journey towards a satisfying customer experience.

Currently, our core activities in inbound services are:

Appointment scheduling

Back office operations

Classic customer care

Help-desk: support and co-browsing

Information services


Running outbound campaigns might even be more challenging than handling an inbound one, as successfully approaching someone over the phone in these days, when almost everybody is facing a communicational overload, is anything but an easy task.

Once a call has been connected to the customer representative, it is the first couple of seconds that will make all the difference. That is precisely why our sales representatives undergo intense training and coaching with the objective of becoming experts in regards to the product or service which a planned campaign aims at selling.

We are fully aware that our team represents your company as well as its image. That’s why we take the utmost care that every call we handle turns into an enjoyable experience for your customers. We will make sure that your enterprise is perceived in a positive way and leaves a good impression.

Technically we are equipped with state of art communication technology so that we are able to render full service in Multichannel as well as in Omnichannel communication.

Currently our core activities in outbound services are:

Sales: Sales, pre-Sales and after-sales

Appointment scheduling

Address qualification

Phone surveys


Our aim is it to be your full-service partner when it comes to meeting and exceeding your customer’s needs. Our experienced team will implement and monitor your project. According to the individual needs of your company, we will provide you with the required analyses and statistics and support you on the way to achieving your qualitative and quantitative goals.

We know that every project is different. The requirements of our customers and the challenges they face are just as diverse as the industries they belong to. Having this in mind, we will create for you the customized solution you have been looking for.


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